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Banjo bolts are used to connect a hose or pipe to convey liquids or, in some cases, gases to a metric screw thread. The aim here is to establish tight connections and thus create a constant pressure and steady flow. The connection of the banjo bolt is made with the help of a hollow bolt and sealing rings, which in their interaction provide a closed and pressure-stable system.

Banjo bolts are used wherever fluid must be transferred at a constant pressure from a pipe or hose into a threaded opening. A classic everyday example of this is brake callipers.

If you are looking for banjo bolts, you have come to the right place. We at LOGA will therefore be happy to provide you with further information on our high-quality banjo bolts in the following. Convince yourself that we are your contact when it comes to turned parts.


We manufacture banjo bolts according to high standards and applicable norms

Our entire manufacturing process is subject to high and strict standards. This is our own claim, as we simply want to supply you with the best possible products that perfectly meet your requirements. From the planning stage to the final quality control and subsequent dispatch, you therefore receive the highest quality from us.

Of course, these are not just empty words: In the production of our rotary bolts, we are always guided by certified standards, which we adhere to for all our products. In the case of banjo bolts, this is DIN 7642, which applies to banjo bolts and is particularly important in combination with the metric hollow bolts already mentioned. In this way, the standardised banjo bolts guarantee a precisely fitting connection without loss of fluid or pressure.

Apart from compliance with high standards and norms and the satisfaction of our customers, the environment is also close to our hearts. For this reason, we continuously monitor and evaluate the current environmental impact of the production of banjo bolts to minimise or even completely avoid environmental pollution. Our efforts are paying off, as LOGA has been recognised by the ICG as an environmentally conscious company. Learn more about our company, our philosophy, and our goals on our website.

A wide variety of customer requirements can arise, and we would like to offer the solution

So, while we adhere to absolute production standards in terms of processes and manufacturing, there are still some aspects in which we can respond precisely to customer wishes and from which you can particularly benefit. For example, we specifically implement the wishes of our customers and are aware that this can involve several things. From the material of the banjo bolts to their exact size. Thanks to our development services and the production in our modern machinery, we can explicitly respond to the wishes of our customers and implement special solutions in regard of banjo bolts.

We are aware of how important precision is here. However, since assertions are not enough, we would like to follow these words with actions and therefore manufacture our banjo bolts exactly according to your precise customer requirements. We use numerous similar lathes in our machine park, which gives us a high degree of flexibility. For this reason, LOGA is far ahead of other manufacturers. In addition, our process-oriented planning enables our competent sales staff to view the current machine assignments at any time. In this way, your contact person can offer you a high degree of transparency during the manufacturing process of your banjo bolts, and you always remain informed about the exact number of turned parts of your order that have been manufactured so far through our production data acquisition system.

The different applications of our banjo bolts

You benefit from our many years of experience in various industries, since turned parts in general and banjo bolts in particular are used in many areas.

Hydraulics describes the transmission of signals, forces, and energy with the help of a fluid. It is used, for example, in the retraction and extension of the landing gear of aircraft, in the use of lifting platforms or in the lifting and lowering of loads with the help of suitable cylinders. Banjo bolts and other turned parts are indispensable here.

They are also used in pneumatics where compressed air is used to transmit signals, forces, and energy. The area of application for these special banjo bolts and turned parts is primarily the construction industry, where they are used, for example, in conjunction with concrete conveying systems.

In mechanical engineering, our turned parts, especially our banjo bolts, are used in connection with machines of all kinds. They are essential for the safe and smooth functioning of technical machines. That is why we place great emphasis on high pressure and innovative technology in the production of our banjo bolts and other turned parts.

Turned parts such as banjo bolts are also indispensable in the automotive industry. Here they are used, for example, in shafts or gearbox and engine components.

Banjo bolts are also used in electrical engineering and sensor technology. In this industry, maximum precision is required, because they find use in the manufacture of fuse boxes, lamps, cable sockets, plug connections or in sensor technology.

We know that even the smallest element of a machine, system or chassis must function properly to avoid any difficulties. We at LOGA are aware of this great responsibility and make sure that our banjo bolts and other turned parts meet the highest quality standards in every industry.

Cooperation is important to us: Contact us directly

To ensure that we succeed in the precise production, we rely on close cooperation with our customers. Of course, we are also happy to help with existing questions about our banjo bolts. Furthermore, with us you benefit comprehensively from the fact that this close cooperation means that we can individually adapt deliveries, order quantities and much more to you and your needs. The best proof of the quality and reliability of our work are our long-standing supply relationships with market leaders. Let us convince you of our banjo bolts.

Simply get in touch with our contact persons and explain your project. They are available to you by telephone and e-mail. You can also simply contact our chat service and receive direct answers to your questions. Initial enquiries are, of course, completely non-binding. We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you to find solutions in the field of banjo bolts – exactly suited to your requirements!