In the system of turned parts:
banjoes are regularly indispensable

The banjo fitting is a common component in the use of turned parts such as screws. The banjo fitting is the counterpart for many screws in narrow environments and is thus able to provide the required and desired hold. However, when working with banjo fittings, it is extremely rare to deliver off-the-shelf solutions. Even in mass production, a high degree of individual customization and extensive planning are absolutely essential and necessary.

For this reason, LOGA relies on absolute customization for the banjo fittings and banjoes we manufacture for your purpose. We always supply you with an individual and form-fitting solution.

We manufacture the required banjo fittings according to the current standards

Production standards are extremely important for many products, so they offer security and guarantee the necessary degree of compatibility in further processing. In addition, such standards open up extensive application-related advantages, as the use is often only possible if they met with such standards. The DIN 7642 standard is therefore the common basis for the banjo fittings, which applies for combined use with the DIN 7643 banjo bolt. The result is an exceptionally good hold, which is something to be proud of. Immediate integration into the production process is subsequently possible and opens up excellent planning and implementation possibilities for you.


Banjo fitting – Every shape and design is possible, LOGA takes care of the precise adaptation for you

Our manufacturing processes not only focus on the high-quality implementation of pre-defined standards, but also want to contribute to the adaptation of the products to your requirements. This is based on materials which, on the one hand, are extremely high quality and stable in the end result, but on the other hand, can still be shaped well beforehand. This is also due to our processes. The surface finishing as well as further adjustments in the completion of the manufactured banjo fitting are based on the skills of our employees. They are highly qualified and real experts in the respective processes, which means that each individual banjo fitting is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

However, the skills of our employees are not only convincing in the subsequent production. After you have contacted us for the first time, you will be looked after in the best possible way. You tell us what you want to achieve with the banjo fitting, we tell you how we can implement it.  This is just as important for banjo fittings as it is for other screws because every millimetre of precision is decisive. Our solutions can be used across industries. From single-sided to double-sided banjo fittings, the possibilities are extensive – details and sizes are of course also available as variations.

Banjo fittings with welded ord soldered holder

Not only are banjo fittings required in connection with bolts, but banjo fittings with welded or soldered-on holders are also needed. These banjo fittings are ideal for transporting liquids such as fuel, oil or coolant. The holder makes it easy to attach a hose to the banjo fitting through which the liquid can be passed. The ring of the banjo fitting is available in two or three versions. In order to easily attach a pipe, the ring of the banjo fitting is smooth, so the assembly is done quickly and easily. Furthermore, the ring of the banjo fitting is equipped with a thread to mount a pipe firmly and to ensure that the connection is long and stable. With a threaded connection in a banjo fitting, it is not possible for liquid to leak out of this hard-wearing connection. There are not only rings with one thread, but also with two threads. Two pipes can also be attached to banjo fitting whose rings have two threads. The advantage of two pipes on the banjo fitting is that the liquid has two flow directions at its disposal. Of course, there are not only banjo fittings with only one holder, but also banjo fittings with two or more holders. These banjo fittings are optimally suited for supplying more liquid. Furthermore, banjo fittings are predestined for directing liquids around corners that do not have a large clearance. Of course, we do not only offer a version of banjo fittings with holders, but we are also happy to produce banjo fittings according to your wishes and requirements. In this way, we offer you a diverse range of banjo fittings that are customised and tailored to you and your task.

Brazed and bent ring pieces cope with every task

In addition to the banjo fittings, there are also the ring pieces. These can be soldered or screwed to other components. If ring pieces are connected to a banjo bolt, the stability of this connection is very high. The stability of the connection between the ring piece and banjo bolt is further increased if the ring piece is soldered to the banjo bolt. If a liquid is fed through the ring piece into the banjo bolt, there is a risk of the liquid leaking out at the connection point, due to a simple screw connection with sealing ring, but not due to soldering the ring piece to the banjo bolt. A ring piece that is bent is the attachment piece to which a hose can be attached. This is practical if a connection is to be made over several angles. It can happen with normal ring pieces that they do not offer the desired solution. For example, the hose cannot be laid and connected properly because the space is tight, and the hose is not flexible enough. Furthermore, there could be a leak in the hose. A bent ring piece is the help here. The ring piece is then selected with the appropriate bent attachment so that the hose can be attached professionally and safely. Of course, we do not only offer ring pieces with a bent attachment that is bent in one direction, but these attachments are bent in different directions, so that we can find the solution for every task. If you have not found the right ring piece despite our wide range, please contact us and we will find an individual solution together.

Banjo fittings wanted? LOGA turned parts is the right partner for you

The production of turned parts has a long tradition within our company. Over the years, we have refined our manufacturing methods and offer you a whole range of possibilities to realize your wishes. Our motto is always “There’s nothing that can’t be done”, so we are open to any enquiry on the subject of banjo fittings.

You are welcome to call or write to us. Ask us now about the possibilities without obligation, and we will clarify everything else with you personally. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the right solution, no matter which industry you belong to!