„There for you in every scene”


LOGA‘s philosophy is to support you at every stage of the collaboration. Your special advantage: We manufacture your turned parts and act consistently with the necessary quantum of precision at all times.

LOGA offers CNC turning parts of highest quality. In addition, our development services and modern machinery enable your designers to implement special solutions (e.g. making two turning parts into one). By manufacturing one turning part, which includes the function of two turning parts, the stability can be increased.

We offer reliable order processing by competent and committed employees, who are specialized in deep bore holes, for years. We are on hand with help and advice – whenever you need it!

Through communication to partner-based solutions.

„It’s the idea that matters.”

(Jeff Bridges as "Preston Tucker" in Francis Ford Coppola's "Tucker: The Man and His Dream")


Customer satisfaction is very important to us!

The customer decides on the quality of our products and services. It is our goal to fully meet these expectations. That is why we all are committed to the continuous improvement of all products and processes.

We want to establish partner-based solutions through open communication with the customer.

Quality without compromise!

Controlled processes are the basis for quality and reliability. Best results can only be achieved by setting the optimal conditions.

Our employees are the main asset at LOGA!

Through permanent qualification and motivation of our employees, we support the continuous improvement process to achieve customer satisfaction and highest product quality.

Livelihood and profit safeguard of our company

The existence and profit safeguard of our company depends on the degree of fulfillment of the previous points of our company policy. All activities and decisions of the management and employees must be permanently aligned with this.

Environmental Protection

We want an intact environment. Therefore a careful handling of the environment is one of the top corporate goals. In addition, this will increase the environmental awareness of our employees, our customers and our society.

The environmental objective is always the prevention or minimization of environmental pollution. Our company not only sets environmental goals, but constantly monitors and evaluates the current environmental impact.

Compliance with legal obligations

The benchmark for our environmental protection is set by national as well as EU environmental laws, regulations and directives. The aim is to comply with these legal obligations.


Peter Loga


Michael Loga

Stand. 29.05.2018

What our customers say:

"Delivery dates to our full satisfaction!"

"We were very pleased that you were able to deliver the goods so quickly!"

"Turning parts were in TOP condition!"

"We are very enthusiastic about the quality and delivery time of your turned parts.
At the next demand we will order again from you.“

"Everything worked out perfectly!"

"We were very satisfied with the customer service and customer contact during the complaint period!"

"My colleagues and I think the communication is perfect!
We are looking forward to the things we will do together in the future."

"Thank you very much for the perfect and almost perfect process
of the two orders we have received the last few days!"


Our company history.


1991 Founding - Purchase diamond tool trade

First business activities from the youth room in the parental residence in Wehingen.


1994 Moving from the youth room (basement) to the stage


1998 Move to a factory building in Wehingen with 300 m2

The first employees are hired. In-house production with 12 long turning machines at subcontractors.


2002 Start of construction of new building in Denkingen


2003 Completion of the building in Denkingen

Merger of manufacturing and administration to 1600 m2


2011 Increase in production area by

another 1,100 m2. Total area since then at 2,700 m2


Approx. 30 machines and more than 70 employees